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Omega Seeds

Omega Seeds is the Purple Glove Foundations Flagship program with the mission to provide supportive relationships that will offer guidance and leadership development to young men transforming from adolescence to manhood. We use the title “Omega Seeds” to convey the foundations vision for impacting our male youth participants. We seek to grow a sense of community pride, self determination, academic achievement and Christian values in the young men we mentor.

Program Objectives

  • Christian development
  • Help students to define and refine personal development
  • Assist in setting and achieving high academic, moral and ethical success
  • Guidance toward the principles of manhood and development of strong work ethic
  • Develop community awareness and desire to render community service

Program Structure

  • Advisory Committee meets once a month prior to mentoring session (to finalize session agenda)
  • Mentor sessions scheduled for every third Saturday in the month
  • Mentoring dates are aligned to not conflict with the school year and other community youth activities
  • Session will last up to 3 hours, split between educational and fun/physical activity
  • All Seeds will be assigned to a Brother/Mentor

Application Requirements

  • Completed application with all required items
  • Require a copy of report card with application
  • Require signed application from mentee and mentee parent(s)
  • Age requirement: sixth grade to twelfth grade
  • Currently no cost requirement

Typical Session Agenda/Schedule

3:00 – 3:15 – Overview of agenda for the day
3:16 – 4:30 – Work Shop (topic instruction)
4:31 – 4:45 – Break
4:46 – 5:30 – Physical/Social/Fun activity
5:31 – 6:00 – Lunch/Dinner
6:01 – 6:15 – Wrap-up and clean up