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The Purple Glove Foundation

The Purple Glove Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2009. Our mission, Offering the strong arm of service to the communities in which we live, is based on the understanding that our future lies in the hands of those who will follow us. It is with this in mind we stress education, resourcefulness and civic pride in the youth we mentor and provide incentives. Providing sound positive leadership by example is another of our aims. We are an all-volunteer, charitable organization which supports various local community groups, fraternities, professional organizations and other non-profit entities. Since our inception we have donated thousands of dollars in direct scholarships to individuals and contributed hundreds of man hours volunteering and mentoring in the Denton and Collin County region of North Texas.

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Omega Seeds is the Purple Glove Foundations Flagship program with the mission to provide supportive relationships that will offer guidance and leadership development to young men transforming from adolescence to manhood. We use the title “Omega Seeds” to convey the foundations vision for impacting our male youth participants. We seek to grow a sense of community pride, self determination, academic achievement and Christian values in the young men we mentor.

The foundation co-sponsors events throughout the year and supports a multitude of community awareness programs. We are regular supporters of Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Carter Blood Care, Community Partners of Denton County and Habitat for Humanity. We co-sponsor talent shows for high school students allowing participants throughout the Denton & Collin County areas to build self-confidence and showcase their skills against their peers. Winners not only earn scholarships but build self-esteem.

Our signature fund raising event is a formal gala put on every December in collaboration with our partners. Our annual Christmas Ball and charitable donations are the primary source of the money we use for scholarships and other programs we support throughout the year. Don’t forget your donations to us are tax deductible. This event has grown larger each year as more and more supporters like you realize they can enjoy an evening of great entertainment and help our kids succeed. Come see how your contribution positively affects lives.

It is imperative that we have your support to continue building pride in and strengthening our youth. We also accept donations year round and we’re sure you can find the level that’s right for you. Please help us by attending our fundraisers or making a charitable donation by clicking here. We use PayPal as our preferred means of donation and for your convenience and security. Please donate or contact us today. Thank You!